Sketches of fashion patterns and details created in the 1930s.

Pattern for a sleeve

A precisely conceived and executed pattern is essential for a good fit.


An original pattern. I really love it! Both the idea and the execution. The work must be perfect. The complete outfit will include white trousers.

Original pattern with lined appliqués flowers

“Rīgas audums” produces superb silk fabrics. The concept of leaves on a colourful lining already came to me last year in Tērvete. I thought about leaves all winter. I experimented, but couldn’t get it right. Now it seems that I have done it well, I am pleased. It might be a good afternoon outfit. Two colours are required – pink and blue, no more.

Cashmere appliqués for a dress

The foundations of successful appliqués are precise drawing and accurate execution.

Black dress with appliqué flowers

I had an idea for an evening gown. Sheer, airy silk fabric and appliqué flowers. I am not sure whether this is the last version, but the idea appeals to me.


Jacket with basting threads