Children’s clothes

Herma Balodis’s collection includes 25 children’s outfits which have been made for grandchildren ages 1–7 years. The designer has paid special attention to the quality of fabric and its practical properties. These are natural fibre fabrics that can be easily washed repeatedly.


Floral and polka-dotted cotton dresses, with straps tied on the shoulder, are very cute. It is 1964. Mini fashion comes into style. The girls’ dresses reflect this fashion. Dresses of thicker cotton flannel, single colour and dotted with balloon-shaped sleeves, were designed for cooler days. Children’s outfits were fashioned so as not to restrict the wearers’ mobility. The colours are light and joyful.


Herma was not only a superb designer and loving grandmother, she was also knitted. The collection includes a knitted coat with a cap, a skirt with shoulder straps and a sweater. In the 1960s production of synthetic fibres was developed. This gave rise to yarns of new materials in bright colours.


As the granddaughters grew older, pant suits and coats with ornamental details and trendy linings appeared in their wardrobes.